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White guys win again. Was this college catalog cover a loser?

March 19, 2015


Get Schooled

northgaA reader sent me a copy of the cover of the new University of North Georgia continuing education catalog asked with this question, “Are they crazy?”

It’s a valid question given the awkwardness of the image and its pairing with a headline that asks, “Why follow when you can lead?”

The illustration features two exultant white men — dressed like missionaries for some reason — well ahead of a woman in heels wearing what looks to be an ensemble from “Dynasty” and a black male in more casual attire who appears to be struggling to finish the race.

I thought the cover was a parody, a sort of Mad Men meets Peachtree Road Race. It’s not, although there are some mad men and women commenting on the cover on Facebook.

The cover is getting some national attention. (See Raw Story.)

The illustration has inspired some social media lampooning.

Among my favorites:

-If you…

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